Software modules

Our software modules are designed to improve your Enterprise's agility, optimise your operational efficiency and accelerate the Time to Market of your new products

Product Configurator

Your insurance business needs a reliable and flexible solution to populate your products across your entire IT infrastructure. Your business needs TINQIN’s Product Configurator because you can:

  • Configure all your business lines
  • Set up your products with general information, eligibility conditions, coverages, and tariffs
  • Set up a product type catalog
  • Keep track of the regulatory framework
  • Simulate and integrate your products into your information system

Customer Repository

Nowadays, putting the customer at the center of your company’s attention is more important than ever. This highlights the need for customer repositories. Our solution makes it possible to set up a unified repository accessible at all times, promoting the consistency of information and allowing a better customer experience.

  • Ensure person’s uniqueness inside the information system
  • Manage one’s personal data – addresses, roles, etc.
  • Observe all regulatory observations, pertaining to personal data
  • Manage Data synchronization by a strategy adapted to the needs and constraints (API and / or flow)

User Workspace

Improving the user experience while preserving the investments made is a major challenge for many companies. Our web application improves the user experience for better productivity and simplified ownership. You can make your insurance business process easy and accessible with TINQIN’s BPO. This web application allows you to:

  • Have a single entry point to drive all your applications
  • Offer a predefined catalog of your business processes
  • Integrate your preexisting applications like your CRM, Back Office, or BI

Business Process Management

With your insurance business growing, your internal management will only grow more complex. The design of business processes and the ability to have an overview of them in line with the operational organization are major issues in management. TINQIN’s Business Process Management tool can help you to:

  • Model and manage your business processes
  • Provide a catalog of predefined tasks
  • Distribute and manage work based on organisation and workload

How do we develop our software solutions?

We focus on customer requirements and transform them into innovation

We determine our customers' requirements
We create prototypes and set a budget
We start development


We offer components to accelerate and secure the development of your applications

Graphical Components - WEB UI

Your web-based applications have to be modern, efficient, and cutting-edge. TINQIN can offer you just that with our own TINQIN UI, along with:

  • Fully customizable, responsive, and stylish React components
  • Accelerated implementation of your Web applications
  • Secure deployment
  • Easy maintanance and expansion with new features

Business Rules Manager

Insurance businesses are feeling the pressure to automate as much as possible. Our centralized repository makes it possible to consolidate your organization’s Business Rules and simplify their maintenance. We can help you with:

  • Creating a library of conditional or calculated business rules
  • Execution and simulation of the business rules you define
  • Fully integratable solutions via our own TINQIN API

Questionaire & Diagnostic

Collecting feedback and integrating it into your applications can be easy. This tool helps you to define questionnaires in the form of a decision tree allowing a better understanding of the situation and therefore providing the most appropriate response. Using TINQIN’s Q&A solution, your business can rely on:

  • Configurable questionnaires, reacting to user’s feedback
  • Efficient analysis based on the input
  • Suggestions based on answers

Insurance model - IDM

Planning an expansion of your insurance business can be easy with the proper tools. Our tool is an Insurance data conceptual model representing its main entities, which can be used by applications requiring Business logic. TINQIN Insure Mode can help you to:

  • Manage business entities and their attributes
  • Define integrity rules
  • Facilitate your Business Rules Model
  • Enable the Data transformation rules with third-party system
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