Our experts can guide you with the implementation of your business strategy ready to face tomorrow’s challenges. Our consultants possess the in-depth experience in the financial domain you need. Have a look to find out how we can help your company in the different phases of your Strategy Deployment.

Digital transformation

In those dynamic times we live in, the faster you adapt, the better your results will be. TINQIN’s consultants can guide you through the process with:

  • Establishing a Digital diagnostic
  • Roadmap for your Business’ Digital Strategy
  • Guidance to a successful Business Processes’ Digitalisation
  • Optimization of the User Experience
  • Improvement of your Enterprise’s Agility
  • Defining your corporate identity

IT Transformation

The rapid IT evolution allows for large-scale improvements in the efficiency of your business. TINQIN can help you with:

  • Developing an IT Master Plan
  • Auditing your Information System and Architecture
  • Improving your IT Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Choosing your Core Business Solutions
  • Designing your APIfication Strategy

Project management

Starting a new IT project requires tight deadlines and well laid out plan. Our consultants have vast experience with kick-offs of large-scale projects. We can:

  • Audit projects
  • Strengthen the Project Performance
  • Organize and drive the Scoping phase
  • Support your Business department
  • Set up a PMO service
  • Implement the Project Methodology

Project Support

Every great project needs a strong Project Support team. Our experts will help to:

  • Determine Business requirements & Functional specifications
  • Implement Business Process Optimization
  • Perform testing strategies and UAT support
  • Create a successful migration strategy
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