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Created in 2013, TINQIN is a company focused on developing and delivering a wide range of innovative solutions mainly for the insurance industry. Our clients are some of the largest insurance companies operating on the European market. They rely on us for developing software, web design, business analysis, prototyping, product testing, and maintenance. That’s why we always aim to be at the top of our game while using the latest technologies to provide added value.

We believe in open communication, adherence to commitments as well as providing full assistance throughout the work process. Thanks to our innovative approach, business and technological expertise we’re able to quickly grasp the clients’ needs and propose the right solution. Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for our great TINQINERS. We’re more than proud of our team of talented, kind-hearted people who are always there for each other. After all – the workplace should inspire you and this starts with the people.


Our team consists of more than 450 talented people, with an average experience in the insurance sector of more than 10 years

A few words from our founders

TINQIN is the future of the insurance sector

Our company is more than a software development company – we are solution creators. We focus our efforts on getting to know the industry to which our customers belong to. This is what we are trying to present with the name of the company, which contains „technologies“ and „industries“ – the two main topics in which we are experts.

For us, the main focus is to know our customers. We have both been working in the insurance industry for over 25 years. By the time we found the company, we’ve already had considerable experience.

We believe that professional skills are important, which is why 80% of our employees have about 9-10 years of work experience in this field.

Nowadays, clients do not focus on large projects. They rather require quick achievements and return on their investment. This is why we put our effort into analyzing their problems and finding methods to solve them. It is a top priority for us to provide quality and innovation to our partners.

François and Jean-Charles Miginiac
co-founders of TINQIN